Company History

Company History
When Reino Wuollet opened his family bakery in 1944, he couldn't have imagined the growth and reputation his family's name would earn. With a $1,000 loan, impeccable business sense, and an insistence on producing the highest quality goods, Reino grew his company into a Twin Cities landmark.

Wuollet is still a family run business. Over thirty family members are involved in the company, where producing the best bakery goods possible is a matter of pride. And their pride has paid off: the company has grown to five Twin Cities locations, and continues to grow.

The secret to the bakery's success is grounded in principles that Reino himself lived by:

Produce a quality product at a reasonable price
Watch every single cost of doing business
Emphasize excellent customer service
Pay your bills on time and keep your promises

Wuollet has had to change over the years to stay competitive; the bakery business today is very different than in 1944. But computers and high-tech machines haven't replaced the care and fine ingredients that go into every item Wuollet makes. The bakery is known for its specialty items: beautiful tortes, delicious pastries and unique European breads. Wuollet creates the most exquisite wedding cakes in Minnesota, and its sweet tables are regularly served in the finest hotels, restaurants, and country clubs.

Wuollet Bakery is large enough to supply any need, yet flexible enough to fill nearly any special request. The staff at Wuollet always welcomes the challenge of a special request, and frequently fills orders for custom-designed cakes. Custom orders are no problem at Wuollet because our designers are the best in the business.